Virtual Brand Meeting -MAY 27TH 3:00PM PST (6:00PM EST)

Virtual Brand Meeting -MAY 27TH 3:00PM PST (6:00PM EST)


Virtual Brand Meeting

WORKSHOP HOST:  Danielle Wiebe, founder of Business Babes Collective @businessbabesco

Danielle Wiebe is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and founder of “Business Babes Collective”  She is passionate about building community, hosting events, consulting, speaking and masterminding. She started out in the business world through marketing, events and social media and went on to help her Mom (and lifetime entrepreneur) Linda, build a global consulting company. Danielle discovered her love for building relationships and networking and in 2015 Launched the Vancouver Chapter of Business Babes Collective, Vancity Business Babes. Since then, Business Babes Collective has grown to include 5 chapters from all across North America. She now spends most of her time helping women level up their businesses through taking massive action on their dreams. Say hi to Danielle on Instagram: @danilivinglife  


When was the last time you had a brand meeting?

Even if you are a team of ONE it is important to set aside time to go over what your Brand values are, who your target market is, how you want to serve your clients/community, audit your social media, working ON your business instead of IN your business.

What you’ll Learn:

  • Get Clear on your Brand Values and Purpose and what your Business Stands for

  • Understanding who your Ideal Client/ Target Audience is and who you are serving

  • Increase your confidence in knowing how you want to serve your community and clients

  • How to Audit your website, social media + marketing efforts

  • Understand how to plan your social media content to get closer

    to your Business Goals

    All workshops are hosted online and all are recorded for
    you to keep forever!

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